Omaha Residential Architect

Omaha Residential Architect

The residential trend that “bigger is better” is no more — families are now interested in living in smaller, more efficient homes. Instead of buying the most space for the money, homebuyers now want residences that are tailored to their lifestyle. Many people are surprised to learn that anyone who can build or remodel even the most modest of structures can actually afford an architect. The smaller architect-designed house may cost more on a per-square-foot basis, but a domicile crafted around your family can provide a much greater value than an “off-the-shelf” house.

Designs Shaped By Client Aspirations

What we are dedicated to is providing quality service within our clients’ budgets, as well as time frames. Our projects are shaped by our clients’ aspirations, where we also utilize durable materials and creative design solutions. We also strive to artfully respond to each project’s unique site. We rethink the typical, using materials and new technology to save money in the long run, conserve resources, and bring forth spaces that inspire and motivate.

Collaborative Design Process

Together we consider both the functions and the aesthetics of the house, in addition to the site itself. We develop our designs through hand sketches, simple cardboard models and the latest computer technology. We collaborate back and forth with a high level of communication and we then generate thorough, high-quality construction documents. This open channel of communication ensures that our clients receive the building they want, at a fair price, and in a timely manner.

Client Deliverables

Our deliverables include a preliminary or schematic design, which involves us reviewing your requirements and studying the site. Then we make preliminary sketches to illustrate the scope of the project and its relationship to the site and its surroundings. We then review these with our client for refinement. Once we are ready to begin design development, where everything is finalized. Based on documents developed and approved in the previous phase, we will prepare construction drawings in great detail to describe the work to be done to construct your project. Once a builder is chosen, we will observe the construction as our client’s representative to insure that the work is completed as designed, and to deal with any changes that may arise.