Omaha House Plans

Many Styles, Always Quality

Our style is as varied as our clients. We want the process of working with an architect it be as painless as possible, so we focus on a collaborative approach. That way we are all on the same page every step of the way. Besides constant communication, we have a number of deliverables to structure our discussions around. Our deliverables include a preliminary or schematic design, which involves us reviewing your requirements and studying the site. Then we make preliminary sketches to illustrate the scope of the project and its relationship to the site and its surroundings. We then review these with our client for refinement. Once we are ready to begin design development, where everything is finalized. Based on documents developed and approved in the previous phase, we will prepare construction drawings in great detail to describe the work to be done to construct your project. Once a builder is chosen, we will observe the construction as our client’s representative to insure that the work is completed as designed, and to deal with any changes that may arise.

Site Selection and Master Planning

We have additional capabilities for our clients as well. We can assist in site selection assistance, making sure the site chosen fits the functions and aesthetics of the desired project. Usually this is done with a quick sketch to help decide if an as yet unpurchased piece of land is feasible. Master planning is another offering, which is a kind of roadmap for future growth for a site or complex. It is also a conceptual layout for a site. It looks at historically placed buildings, the next phase of growth, and the future growth. It outlines a logical phased growth plan and indicates the maximum potential usage of a site. Many projects trim budget to a bare minimum and sacrifice land usage, hurting or making more expensive future land development more expensive.

Taking Care of the Interior

We also handle interior architecture and design, as well as design custom furniture. If not designing furniture from scratch, we also work with a number of vendors to do furniture selection consulting for our clients. Lighting design is also a service we offer. Lastly, we want to ensure that the designs we collaboratively generate get carried out to the utmost quality, so we also handle contract administration with the builder of choice, and observe the contractor to ensure this quality.