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Award-winning Omaha Architect Steven Ginn is principal and owner of Steven Ginn Architects, a small firm with a collaborative approach to design. In addition to Steven’s day-to-day work as a licensed architect, he has taught architecture and design classes at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. With over 20 years of experience in the field, he still can’t get enough of designing functional, beautiful architecture for people. Steve Ginn Architects places great importance on collaborating with clients, as each and every project is shaped by clients’ aspirations. For every project, we study each site location, making sure that the surroundings inform the project — and vice versa. Whether it’s a residential, commercial, religious or retail project, we use durable materials and apply creative design solutions, only pairing with the best builders.

Quality Deliverables

One of the most important deliverables we have is providing a Master Plan for our client’s site. The goal of a Master Plan is to provide reasonable current development while keeping in mind future developments. The Master Plan can also be a formal, colored site plan used for presentations and fund raisers. However, a site master plan is not an attempt to generate a floor plan for every future building. Additional deliverables are conceptual landscape design, where we assess the natural benefits and limitations of a client’s site, intended uses, functional realities, and personal preferences.

Omaha Home Design

We don’t just partner with one builder to carry out the projects of our clients. We work with a number of local builders, as well as builders in areas where a site is located. We have partnerships with so many builders in order to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We work closely with all of the builders we work with to continually improve the quality of our homes and the building process.

Strategic Planning

We have implemented a wide variety of tactics to achieve our strategic goals of sustainable design and green building. Our work includes pragmatic, long-lasting solutions such as passive solar heating, natural ventilation, rainwater collection and reuse, native landscaping, durable materials and construction techniques. We also make use of innovative technology such as geothermal climate-control systems, radiant heating, renewable energy generation, high-efficiency appliances and lighting fixtures, high-insulating windows and very efficient sustainable systems. All of these tactics enable us to create green-building solutions with award-winning design.