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Steve Ginn Architects, Omaha Architectural Firm

Helmed by Steven Ginn, a licensed architect with over 20 years of experience in the field, Steven Ginn Architects is a full-service architecture and interiors firm. We are known for the design of new homes and residential remodels, as well as commercial, religious and retail spaces. Our whole philosophy revolves around listening to our clients who inspire us. We love to turn constraints into beautiful and functional pieces of design.

A Solid Foundation for Design

A native of Omaha, Steven Ginn earned a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Kansas, followed by a Master of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis. Before founding his own firm in 2005, Steven spent time documenting and learning from indigenous architecture in numerous countries across Africa, Asia, and Europe. He also worked in Italy, assisting in the design and restoration of castle estate houses. Steven then gained experience in the United States with a number of elite architecture firms, designing at a variety of scales including churches, schools, libraries and commercial facilities. Since starting his own firm, his focus has been on residential projects, remodels and outbuildings, as well as small cultural and commercial projects. Besides his day-to-day architectural work, Steven has taught architecture and design classes at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Achieving Sustainable Design and Green Building

We have implemented a wide variety of tactics to achieve our strategic goals of sustainable design and green building. Our work includes pragmatic, long-lasting solutions such as passive solar heating, natural ventilation, rainwater collection and reuse, native landscaping, durable materials and construction techniques. We also make use of innovative technology such as geothermal climate-control systems, radiant heating, renewable energy generation, high-efficiency appliances and lighting fixtures, high-insulating windows and very efficient sustainable systems. All of these tactics enable us to create green-building solutions with award-winning design.

Home & Commercial Design Photography

We offer a number of services for clients, one of which is programming. Programming is the research and decision-making process that identifies the scope of work to be designed. This process insures that the design is based upon sound decision, layout out effective strategies. This also helps avoid the need to redesign, as goals and objectives are solidified during this stage. Once the client approves the programming, all the information is integrated into the design process. Other services include schematic designs, design development, construction documents, and contract administration.